Welcome to BLAAUW, just a little hint to get you started, our Dutch name rhymes with 'WOW' while it's not the typical spelling, it just makes us that extra bit unique!

All our products are handmade in Melbourne, Australia by a local West Australian using ethical methods and sustainable fabrics.

I am committed to providing an ethical brand with sustainable practices and continue to make earth friendly choices, the materials used for the swimsuits are made out of a combination of recycled nylon lycra and fabric remnants from designer brands.

As of June 2019 I will begin to use biodegradable satchels for my online shoppers!

And I'm very proud to announce that I have begun to integrate seed paper into parts of my business, while products from previous seasons that are on sale will be using regular swing tags as to not waste them, of course! But I will begin to use my new plantable swing tags.

If you have received one, you will need to know the best information on how to plant it for the best results. The tags are made from various seeds, Thyme, Oregano or Chamomile, grow it to find out which one you have!

1. Fresh soil is best, If it's already been exposed in a garden bed, the soil may already contain seeds which could be weeds or from nearby plants which have been deposited from wind or bird droppings, Fresh soil will get the best results! 

2. The seeds are dispersed throughout the tag so you can either plant the tag whole or tear it up and plant bits of separately. 

3. The seeds currently available are best suited for warmer weather, Spring Summer and Autumn are ideal, they need a partly sunny location!

4. Plant a single layer of the soil beneath 3- 5mm of quality soil and water thoroughly, The seeds paper must be kept moist during the germination period which can be one to two weeks.

5. Finally, watch it grow over time and keep it safe from harsh weather conditions, Enjoy!